Ongjin County


Movie shooting place

Teacher in the Island Village and Ijakdo

Daeijakdo in Jawol-myun Ongjin-gun Incheon is always followed by the words ‘Teacher in the Island Village’.The man, a Vietnam War veteran, was appointed teacher for an elementary school in a remote Southern island. Even while he was treated poorly by ignorant island residents, he tried to make the island better by educating and guiding the islanders. This movie is considered one of the best movies in Korean movie history.

How To Get To the Location of the Shooting

By Public Transportation

  • Route 1 : Incheon Yeongan Pier Passenger Terminal→ Ijakdo (1hour and 20-minute ride)
  • Route 2 : Daebudo Bangameori Pier → Ijakdo (Peak season – 3 trips daily; Winter season – 1 trip daily;1 hour and 40- minute ride)

By Car

  • Go to the end of Kyeongin Highway – Take the exit to Incheon Port.
  • Turn left in front of Incheon Port – Turn right at the100th Anniversary Tower.
  • Go straight for 1km and turn left toward Yeonan Pier toward the big junction.
  • Go straight and exit and park at the front of the Yeonan Pier Passenger Terminal waiting area.