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Strawberry in Ongjin

Strawberry in Ongjin County can be eaten without washing as there is no pollution and pests in the soil. This is possible because it is grown in raised beds (elevated land) free from contamination. As it grows surrounded by the sea breeze, it has a high sugar content and unique rich aroma of strawberry.


Efficacy of strawberry

  • It is effective in improving immunity, restoring fatigue, improving skin, preventing aging and anemia, improving visual function and helps during constipation, inhibiting cancer cell growth, lowering cholesterol level, preventing neuralgia, improving heart disease, etc. It is advised to eat strawberry on an empty stomach as blood sugar level increases after meals.
  • Eating strawberries with sugar is not good in nutrition. This is because vitamin B1 in strawberry is consumed for the metabolism of sugar in the body. Instead, it is good to eat with milk, green tea or black tea.
  • Calorie content of strawberry: 27kal per 100g (4~5 strawberries)

How to choose good strawberries

Strawberry is considered good if it has shiny red fruit, fresh peduncle, fuzz on the outer surface, and uniform fruit size.

How to store strawberry

Wrap the strawberries in plastic wrap to keep its moisture.

Production group

Production group - By myeons, Major cultivation region, Cultivation area, Contact information
By myeons Major cultivation region Cultivation area Contact information
Bukdo-myeon Yeong-jin Kim 1,650㎡ 010-5484-3045
Baengnyeong-myeon Eul-nam Kim 1,320㎡ 010-2778-1510
Yeongheung-myeon Bo-yeong Lee 2,310㎡ 010-4769-7247
Bong-seon Kim 990㎡ 010-8788-7258