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Benefits of grapes

Grape is a typically alkaline food rich in minerals, such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, etc. It is rich in nutrients such as inverted sugar, tartaric acid, citric acid, racemic acid, and tannins, as well as vitamins A, B1, B2 and D. Grapes help supply the nutrients needed by patients during their recovery period. Grapes are good sources of energy, especially for modern people whose body fluids get easily acidic. Glucose and fructose, the saccharides of grapes, are easily digested and absorbed in the body, good for fatigue recovery.


Grape in the Ongjin area

  • It has high sugar content with 16~18˚ Bx as it is ripened by the cool sea breeze.
  • The thick skin makes it possible to last for a long period of time.
  • It ripes around Chuseok (August 15th in the lunar calendar) due to the effect of the oceanic climate.
  • It prides itself with excellent flavor and taste as it ripens in autumn, the season with a huge daily temperature range.

Tips to select good grapes

  • Darker color and thicker skin make the grapes sweeter and more delicious.
  • Grapes near the stem are the most delicious, whereas grapes at the opposite end of the bunch have strong sour taste. So, if the grape at the end of a bunch is sweet, it means that all grapes in that bunch is sweet.
  • If the grape berries have powder on the surface, it means they are sweet.

Producer group

Producer group - Group name, Representative, No. of members, Cultivation area, Contact No.
Group name Representative No. of members Cultivation area Contact No.
Sindo Grape Growers’ Association Han-seong Yi 26 people 16 ha 010-6355-5174
Jangbong Grape Growers’ Association Chang-hak Song 25 people 14 ha 011-9606-6818
Jawol Viticulture Jin-seop Nam 1 people 0.2 ha 010-4133-5250
Yeonpyeong Grape Growers’ Association Jong-hyeon Byeon 6 people 3 ha 010-4943-8902
Yeongheung Grape Growers’ Association Tae-ui Gang 30 people 35 ha 010-6396-7044
Seonjae Grape Growers’ Association Han-gi Kim 12 people 10 ha 010-4727-4733