Ongjin County


About Ongjin

Ongjin rice from a clean and heaven-blessed area

Ongjin rice prides itself of its excellent taste and high nutrition as it grows where there is clean air free from pollution, bedrock water from 100 meters below ground, and clean sea breeze from the Western Sea.
Also, the farmers are striving to preserve the beautiful environment that will be passed down to the next generation through the practice of eco-friendly agricultural technologies, such as, snail farming. Ongjin rice is not milled in large quantity; rather, it is milled each time when there is a buyer through its modernized milling facility to provide freshly-milled rice.


Haiami rice for children’s brain development and prevention of adult diseases

  • Haiami rice, produced in Ongjin County, helps prevent adult diseases; it is rich in amino acid, such as lysine, which is good for children’s growth and development, and methionine that displays anti-cancer function and drops blood pressure. Moreover, it has excellent taste.
  • The Haiami Rice Production Complex, which aims to provide native delicacies to visitors, is being constructed and will be operated in Baengnyeongdo Island, the northernmost part of the Western Sea.

Efforts to produce rice in a clean area

  • Ongjin County operates an observation area for insect pests and diseases to ensure production of high-quality rice. In addition, it implements the national policy of monitoring pests from China in Baengnyeongdo Island, the northernmost part of the Western Sea.
  • It undertakes unmanned aerial spraying against the problem of insect pests that attack rice stalks, thus, makes possible the production of cleaner, tastier, and healthier rice.

Production group

Production group - Group name, Representative, Species name, Cultivation scale, Contact information, Note
Group name Representative Species name Cultivation scale Contact information Note
Ongjin Rice Research Society Won-hang Park Haiami 26 ha 010-6361-1136 Baengnyeongdo Island
Eco-friendly Agricultural Village Jong-cheol Lee Oryza sativa 7 ha 010-7272-5942 Certification of Organic Cultivation