Ongjin County


About Ongjin

Information of county office : 7th floor ~ 1st floor
7th floor Plenary chamber of the council Cafeteria
6th floor Chair’s Office, Vice-Chair’s Office, Council Office Tourism Culture Division, Construction Complaints Division, Briefing Room, Medium Conference Room
5th floor Council Members’ Office, Committee Members’ Office, Special Committee Members’ Office Regional Economy Division, Fishery Division, Construction Division, Island Safety Division
4th floor Archives (Administrative archives) Planning Division, Finance Division, Telecommunication Team, Computer Education Center, Permanent Audit Center
3rd floor Public Health Center, No-smoking Counseling Office Vice-Governor’s Office, Environment and Green Division, Welfare Support Office
2nd floor Internal Medicine Office Governor’s Office, Administrative Autonomy Division, small conference room, Hyosim Hall (auditorium)
1st floor Duty Room, Five Northwestern Border Islands Support Bureau Civil Affair Office, safe (Nonghyup), Volunteer Center
B1 Central Auditing Room, Electrical Room, Machine Room Chungmu Situation Room, Fitness Center