Ongjin County


Islands of Ongjin



  • National Security Training Center

    National Security Training Center

    The National Security Training Center vividly illustrates the pain of the Yeonpyeongdo Bombardment Incident perpetrated by North Korea on November 23, 2010. The sites that were attacked during the bombardment are kept intact, while the remains are displayed to make visitors understand the importance of national security and peace.
  • Guridong Beach

    Guridong Beach

    Guridong Beach is the 1km-long, 200m-wide natural beach where visitors can see the coastline of North Korea. Smooth sands, white pebbles, and rocks of various shapes spread out along the beach.
  • Corvina Museum

    Corvina Museum

    Corvina Museum is a place where visitors can learn about the history of Yeonpyeongdo Island, Korea’s largest ‘corvina-trading’ island. The museum also shows folk culture related to corvina-catching. Corvina Museum doubles as an observatory, where visitors can see beautiful sunset in the northern sky, which touches many displaced people who visit the museum.The sites of the 1st and 2nd Yeonpyeong Naval Battle, which broke out on June 15, 1999, and June 29, 2002, can both be seen.
  • Garaechilgi Beach

    Garaechilgi Beach

    It is natural beach illuminated by colorful pebbles and big sands, an unexplored region looking down from the Corvina Museum. Largesized rocks serve as the ground to sit, providing you with great places to take a break.
  • Pyeonghwa Park

    Pyeonghwa Park

    It was built to commemorate the precious souls who have led Yeonpyeong sea battle into victory and incarnated for their motherland, and the tanks for exhibits, armored cars and helicopter catch our eyes. However, the exhibits which attract our curiosity most are the metal sculptures. Visiting here and acknowledging its significance, you will able to find yourself solemn at their sublime sacrifice.
  • Ice Cream Bawi Rock

    Ice Cream Bawi Rock

    When it snows on the rock and the snow freezed with seawater resembles icecream, leading it to get its name. The rock is also called ‘Ice Pick Rock,’ for its sharp end.
  • Manghyang-dae Observatory

    Manghyang-dae Observatory

    Manghyang-dae Observatory in Manghyang Park, within a stone’s throw of North Korea. On a clear autumn day, smoke from a cement factory in Haeju, North Korea, can be seen from the park. The park is often used to provide education on national security for young people.


  • Eolgulbawi (Face) Rock

    Eolgulbawi (Face) Rock

    Resembling the profile of a human face, Eolgulbawi (Face) Rock is a natural statue located on the southeast of Soyeonpyeongdo Island. Carved by the waves throughout endless time, Eolgulbawi (Face) Rock has five different looks, depending on where it is seen.