Ongjin County


Islands of Ongjin



  • Monument for Navy Yeoungheung-do Battle

    Monument for Navy Yeoungheung-do Battle

    Shipnipo area was a site at the Korean war where the camp was installed to collect information for Incheon Landing Operation and played a role for its success. This milestone was established to commemorate the fourteen soldiers dead during the period.
  • Simnipo Beach

    Simnipo Beach

    Big sands and bean-sized pebbles stretch 1km along the beach, producing cool sounds when touched by the waves. Toward the back of the beach, there is forest of Korean hornbeam tree, the only place of such group of trees in Korea.
  • Jangkyeongni Beach

    Jangkyeongni Beach

    To the west of the island spreads Jangkyeongni Beach, with a length of 1.5km. Behind the beach stands a pine forest, per-fect for camping. In summer, the sun sets right in the middle of the beach, creating a magnificent scene.
  • Tongilsa Temple

    Tongilsa Temple

    Located at the foot of Guksabong Peak, Tongilsa Temple was built for the people displaced by the Korean War. In autumn, reeds cover the whole mountain to create beautiful scene against the sea.
  • Energy Park

    Energy Park

    It consists of outdoor field course, ecological pond, playground for kids and outdoor concert hall with the theme of eleven renewable energies, which makes popular among family audiences.( Admission is free)
    • Inquiry: 070-8898-3570
    • Closed on every Sundays, national holidays and annual holidays


  • Mokseom Island

    Mokseom Island

    Mokseom Island is an uninhabited island right in front of Seonjaedo Island. At low tide, visitors can easily cross over to Mokseom Island on foot. Unlike other grounds connecting islands, which are mudflats, the path to Mokseom Island is sandy. The snowy landscape during winter is truly mystical.
  • Cheukdo Island

    Cheukdo Island

    Located west of Seonjae-ri, Cheukdo Island is separated from Seonjaedo Island at high tide and connected as one at low tide. The island has beautiful coastline where visitors can enjoy fishing.

Fishing Village

  • Fishing Village
    • Seonjae : 032-888-3110 (Charges 8,000won/per head)
      • Main marine products : manila clam, oyster, surf clam, small octopus etc
    • Yongdam : 032-886-2074(Charges 7,000won/per head)
      • Main marine products : manila clam, oyster, trumpet shell, small octopus etc
    • Yeongam : 032-888-5633(Charges 10,000won/per head)
      • Main marine products : manila clam, oyster, surf clam, small octopus etc
    • Naeri : 032-883-8900(Charges 10,000won/per head)
      • Main marine products : manila clam, trumpet shell, turban shell etc