Ongjin County


Islands of Ongjin



  • Keunmal Beach

    Keunmal Beach

    Golden sands spread 100m long and 40m widely. On the mudflat at low tide, visitors can see living seafood like Manila clams, small octopuses, and top shells. The beach is the good place for experience and learning of nature.
  • Janggol Beach

    Janggol Beach

    With a length of 1km and a width of 400m, Janggol Beach is made of fine sands on a gentle slope. A small park with colorful flowers is located at its entrance. There are also many convenience facilities.


  • Keunpuran and Jageunpuran Beaches

    Keunpuran and Jageunpuran Beaches

    The sand in this beach are clean and smooth enough for family visitors to enjoy sea-bathing on it as there is not much difference of the tide times. At low tide, visitors can gather trumpet shells, small octopuses, and crabs.


  • Songarakbawi Rock

    Songarakbawi Rock

    From Winmokseom Island left to Keunmal, visitors can go down coastal trail for about 130 meters to find Songarakbawi Rock. The rock reminds you of a finger pointing towards the sky.
  • Beolan Beach

    Beolan Beach

    Beolan Beach is located on the end of Soijakdo Island. It is a small beach with a length of 300m and a width of 20m. The white sands and a colony of hackberries harmonize with each other, giving it a certain coziness.


  • Iille Beach

    Iille Beach

    Thick forests and beautiful natural scenery harmoniously surround the beach. Sea fishing is also available,making it a good natural leisure area.
  • Namdaemunbawi Rock

    Namdaemunbawi Rock

    There is a big hole in the middle of enormous rock, which looks like Gongam in Ulreung-do. It got its name as it also resembles Namdaemun Gate in Seoul. It is accessible only at ebb tide.

Uninhabited islands

  • Puldeung


    Puldeung is a mysterious treasure island. At low tide, vast sand field as wide as 1,000,000㎡ appears connecting Saseung-bongdo Island and Soijakdo Island. It is like magic show performed by the god of the sea.