Ongjin County


Islands of Ongjin



  • Seopori Beach

    Seopori Beach

    After the completion of the Seopori Tourist Attraction Remodeling Project in 2007 and the construction of an autocamping site and parks in 2010, Seopori Beach is quickly rising as the best tourist spot in the West Sea. The 3km-long and 300m-wide beach has smooth and clean sands, attracting more than 100,000 visitors a year.
  • Batjireum Beach

    Batjireum Beach

    A bluish-green sea, still untainted by the people’s footsteps, spreads out for you. The clean golden sands and more than hundred years of 600 pines are along with the many rugosa roses, making themselves a beautiful picture.
  • Neungdong Gravel Yard

    Neungdong Gravel Yard

    At 8km north of Jinri Quay are the large reeds of Bukri and Neungdong Gravel Yard. Visitors can enjoy the romantic scene by the sea.
  • Bijobong Peak

    Bijobong Peak

    Walking along the thick forest of hundred-year-old red pines for about 7km, visitors can get to Bijobong Peak, which hikers have been visiting much more these days for its grand scenery at sunrise and sunset. Trails have also been opened from Jinri and Seopori.


  • Ttaeppuru Beach

    Ttaeppuru Beach

    There is a wide grass camping site in the thick woods. Not many people have been here, keeping it as it is. It is also well known as the site of having filmed for Korean movie “Lover’s Concerto.”


  • Hanwolli Beach

    Hanwolli Beach

    The shelvy Hanwolri Beach with 300 meters high sleeps in the beautiful Mungap-do Island. A quiet and cozy mood is second-to-none, and clams can be collected nearby.


  • Gureopdo Beach

    Gureopdo Beach

    The sand in this beach is so smooth that it’s hard to leave a single footprint. The water is also clean and transparent enough for your toes to be seen even from waist-deep.
  • Baega-do


  • Ji-do


  • Ul-do