Ongjin County


Islands of Ongjin



  • Premium road of Samgaksan Mountain

    Premium road of Samgaksan Mountain

    The name ‘Samgaksan’ comes from the mountain’s triangular shape(‘samgak’ means triangular shape in Korean). Emperor Sunjae of the Yuan Dynasty (China) is said to live here when being in exile. The mountain is 343m high and has excellent hiking courses like the ‘Success-energy Road’ and ‘Love-energy Road,’ where visitors can enjoy truly unique hiking experience.
  • Moraeul Beach

    Moraeul Beach

    The beach, as soft as a carpet, stretches 1km with a width of 500m. The thick pine forest, smooth sands, and blue sea create an exotic atmosphere, and it is loved by families as the place to spend vacation season.
  • Seopungbaji


    Seopungbaji is a massive cliff and seems to overpower the waves of the West and to take powerful stand on the ground. The place is excellent for enjoying fishing from the rocks, while taking in the beautiful and exotic scenery.
  • Jiduri Beach

    Jiduri Beach

    Only the color of navy blue Jiduri Beach has is enough to capture visitors’ hearts. Both sides of mountain ranges become a natural wall to block the wind. On a gentle slope, the beach stretches out 1km with a width of 300m.
  • Okjukdong Beach

    Okjukdong Beach

    Okjukdong Beach is well known for its beautiful scenery and sand dunes. The beach runs for 1.5km and is 50m in width. The breakwater at the port divides the sea into two parts. The warm water just like boiled bath water is pleasing.
  • Beach dunes (hills)

    Beach dunes (hills)

    Behind Okjukdong Beach, there are beach dunes stretching 2km by 1km, resembling a huge desert. Sandy heaps and valleys create the exotic scenery and offers you great spectacles differently each season.


  • Socheongdo Lighthouse

    Socheongdo Lighthouse

    With a 100-year history, Socheongdo Lighthouse has been lighting up the sea in front of Socheongdo Island since January 1908. The lighthouse is about 4km from the quay. It shines down on the sea in the night along with the moon and stars.
  • Socheong-do stromatolite/Bunbawi Rock

    Socheong-do stromatolite/Bunbawi Rock

    The white Bunbawi Rock solemnly stands along the bluish-green sea and the coastline. The rock is often called ‘woltti,’ or the Band of the Moon in Korean, since it looks like a ray of moonlight creating a white band in the sky. The rock serves as a guide for homecoming ships in the moonless nights.