Ongjin County


Islands of Ongjin



  • Sugi Beach

    Sugi Beach

    Si-do is resided with Sugi Swimming Beach where a 400m field is covered with fine sands and the open-wide pine tree forest stand. It lies down on the beach to overlook Manisan(Mt.) in Ganghwa at a very short distance. Specifically, Sugi Swimming Beach has shallow water with gentle slopes and gives a cool and snug feeling at the same time and also has the place of the beautiful beach just like a picture.
  • Gubongsan Mountain

    Gubongsan Mountain

    Along the gentle slope, more than 700 cherry trees stretch along the 4km-long path, welcoming hikers. On the hillside, they can enjoy cool mineral water and therapeutic walks. On top of the mountain stands Gubongjeong Pavilion, where visitors can rest and look down the mountain.
  • Modo Sculpture Park (Baemikkumi Beach)

    Modo Sculpture Park (Baemikkumi Beach)

    Modo Island is famous for its sculpture park, called ‘Modo Island and Lee Ilho.’, the sculptor who created the Park with the theme of ‘eroticism.’ Many of his works are in this beach gallery ,harmonizing superbly with the sea.


  • Ongam Beach

    Ongam Beach

    Ongam Beach seems endless at low tide. Soft white sand extends to 800m, while old pine trees provide the coziness of a folding screen. Collecting seashells from the beach during low tide is great fun.
  • Handeul Beach

    Handeul Beach

    Handeul Beach has shallow water and smooth sands. Visitors can enjoy fishing gobies at the beach. The beach is popular for the place-to-visit among families and couples.
  • Jinchon Beach

    Jinchon Beach

    As the beach and sandbanks are side by side, one can enjoy two different things at high and low tides. Rare clams shine amid the white sand during low tide period. There is also the pine forest large enough to accommodate hundred tents to be pitched.
  • Gamangmeori Sunset

    Gamangmeori Sunset

    The sunset, falling between the northwest of Jangbongdo Island and the west of Ganghwado Island, creates a silver wave. Hiking along the 2km forest road, visitors can fully appreciate the beauty of the West Sea.