Ongjin County


Heritage & Culture

  • Location : 25, Yeonpyeongjungang-ro 24beon-gil, Yeonpyeong-myeon, Ongjin-gun, Incheon, Republic of Korea
  • Scale : 1,526.97㎡of total floor area / 2 stories above ground (capacity: 90 people)

Major facility

Major facility : Floor, Usage, Total floor area, Description, Note
Floor Usage Total floor area Description Note
1st floor Lecture hall and cafeteria 763.64㎡ Management office, lecture room, cafeteria, lounge, residence for the disabled (2 rooms), restroom, machine room, warehouse
2nd floor Accommodation 763.33㎡ Guest rooms (7 rooms), guide rooms (2 rooms), showers & restrooms, lounge Capacity for 90 people

Admission information

  • Admission hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00
  • Closing day : Every Monday (the following day if Monday is a national holiday), January 1st, lunar New Year's Day, and Chuseok Day
  • Contact : 032-832-3450, FAX 032-899-3692

Related facility

It is a facility that brings up vivid pain due to the shelling of Yeonpyeongdo Island by North Korean forces on November 23, 2010. It is a place where visitors experience the importance of security and the value of peace by observing the two preserved private houses destroyed at the time of the shelling and exhibition of the debris.

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  • 교육장 사진
  • 피폭건물 보존 사진
  • 지하1층 대피호 사진
  • 지상1층 영상 사진
  • 지상2층 전시물 사진

Yeonpyeongdo National Security Education CenterYeonpyeongdo National Security Education Center