Ongjin County


Movie shooting place


The Incheon organization has a Chinese connection. Gangster brothers, Seongjun Cha (played by Da Hoon Yoon) and Seongdae Cha (played by Min Jong Kim), are from Mokpo, who want to carry out and take over the Incheon operation. They want to defeat the local organized crime groups with only their fists. They visit ‘Familia Salon’, the best salon in Incheon. But they meet unexpected opponents there. These unexpected opponents are Madame Haesook Oh (played by Shin Hye Hwang), the lover of Muyoung Choi (played by Kyung Young Lee), the boss of the local organized crime group, and Chohui Seong (played by In Young Hwang), and the best girl in Familia Salon. Seongdae underestimates Madame Oh, thus he falls on his knees in front of her and calls her big sister. He is also afraid of getting shot at. The two brothers are hitting each other because they have to preserve their self-respect which is all they have. In the middle of this mess, Seongjun falls in love with Chohui and tries everything to get her. Seongjun cannot separate his ‘take over’ intention (fight) and private (love) affairs during the fierce fight between the two families.

How To Get To the Location of the Shooting

By Public Transportation

  • Route 1: Take the city bus at subway line No. 1 (national railway) station.
  • Route 2: Get off at Incheon Yeonan Pier and take a ferry.
  • Route 3: Get off at Incheon Station and take city bus No. 28.
  • Route 4: Get off at East Incheon Station and take city bus No. 12 or 24.
  • Route 5: Get off at Jemulpo Station and take city bus No. 33 (at the front of the station); No. 14 (at the back of the station).
  • Route 6: Direct bus operated between Seoul Station, Sinchon and Hapjeong ↔ Yeonan Pier.

By Car

  • Gyeongin Expressway (End point) → Incheon Port junction (Left turn) → (Old) 100th Anniversary Tower (Right turn) → Korea Coast Guard junction → Incheon Yeonan Pier Passenger Terminal → Seungbongdo Island (50minute ride)
  • Second Gyeongin Expressway → (Old)100th Anniversary Tower (Go straight) → Korea Coast Guard junction (Left turn) → Incheon Yeonan Pier Passenger Terminal → Seungbongdo Island (50-minute ride)