Ongjin County


Movie shooting place

Lover’s Concerto

Suin (played by Ye Jin Son) and Kyunghee (played by Eun Joo Lee) come inside the lens of Jihwan’ camera (played by Tae Hyun Cha).They look alike but are different, Suin and Kyunghee are best friends. Jihwan becomes attracted to Suin at first sight. He confesses his love to her but she gently rejects him. However, Jihwan suggests becoming friends because he wants to keep in touch with them. Through this incident, the three become friends. The three are having the time of their life as friends. However, different feelings start to replace their feeling of friendship and their relationship takes its turns and twists.

How To Get To the Location of the Shooting

By Public Transportation

  • Route 1 : To Incheon Yeonan Pier
    • Take city bus No. 12 or 24 to Incheon Yeonan Pier at the front of Daehan Bookstore across the Incheon Department. – Bus No. 24 is recommended. (It goes near the Yeonan Pier Passenger Terminal.) Get off at the front of the Yeonan Pier Passenger Terminal.
  • Route 2 : Yeonan Pier -> Soyado Island
    • Go aboard the Princess to Deokjeok – Jinli and get off at Deokjeok -Jinli Pier. Go aboard the boat to Soyado Island Pier (Deokjeokdo Island ->Soyado Island) – Fare: W1500/ person). Take the bus that goes to Ttaeppuru Beach and large villages.

By Car

  • Go to the end of Gyeongin Expressway – Take the exit going to Incheon Port.
  • Turn left in front of Incheon Port – Turn right at the100th Anniversary Tower.
  • Go straight for 1km and turn left toward Yeonan Pier toward the big junction.
  • Go straight and exit and park at the front of the Yeonan Pier Passenger Terminal waiting area.